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HYPE offers idea and innovation management software for developing and realizing opportunities aligned with strategic initiatives. We help you move past simply generating and evaluating ideas. Beyond our software, our client community and expert consultants work with you to build a sustainable innovation program. 

What's your focus?

Strategy Building

Search & identify insights
Set your strategy
Define your roadmap

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Idea Generation

Build strategic campaigns
Capture ideas
Evaluate & measure

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Partner Engagement

Find strategic partners
Analyze partner options
Generate business opportunities

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Value Creation

Develop business cases​
Realize concepts
Manage your portfolio

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A new home for your innovation ecosystem

The HYPE Enterprise Suite allows you to connect your organization's goals with those of your innovation program. Build a strategy that influences the ideas you collect, the partnerships you make, and the value you create.


Collaboration that goes beyond technology

We understand the challenges facing innovation managers. We work as partners with our clients, co-developing a strategy that goes beyond the tool, encompassing processes, collaboration, and culture.


Welcome to the family

HYPE is more than idea and innovation management software; we are a community of innovators. Our regional events, expert partners, and experienced consultants help you strengthen your innovation program.

"Choosing the right crowd is a really crucial aspect for us. We’re not interested in getting everybody involved. It’s about finding the right experts and connecting them to each other, and to the customer challenge.”

Joachim Box, Global Head of Co-creation, Fujitsu

"HYPE is more than just a product sold, they're like a close colleague. I’ve never had a question, challenge or concern that I’ve brought to HYPE that I didn’t walk away feeling that they provided me with the right tips and tools for my own innovation program, and therefore my own success. It’s a unique partnership that I truly value. I encourage you to take full advantage of the support they offer to your Innovation Program. "

Sarah Kelly, Senior Innovation Manager, Liberty Global

"HYPE has the capabilities and technical flexibility to integrate future innovation concepts into the virtual world."

Fabian Schlage, Head of Ecosystem Engagement, Nokia

"HYPE's consulting team is “in it” with us for the success of our idea crowdsourcing campaigns. They learned about us and pushed back when they saw us doing things that would hinder our own success."

Bob Neuhard, Executive Director, UC San Diego

"IdeaSpace is really a big part of the catalyst story – it keeps the network alive. It allows us to manage all of the local initiatives they are running, and it enables innovators to connect with the catalyst network.”

Markus Durstewitz, Head of Design Thinking, Airbus

"Ricoh’s passion for people and innovation has led us to partner with HYPE as we looked for a world-class ideas platform to capture our employees’ amazing ideas. We have always been hugely impressed with the HYPE team and their desire to deliver beyond our expectations as they continue to support our innovation journey through a partnership that began in 2015 - and looks likely to continue for a long time to come!"

Haroon Mohammed, Finance Director, Ricoh
Joachim Box, Global Head of Co-creation
Sarah Kelly, Senior Innovation Manager
Fabian Schlage, Head of Ecosystem Engagement
Bob Neuhard, Executive Director
Markus Durstewitz, Head of Design Thinking
Haroon Mohammed, Finance Director

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Upcoming events

HYPE Innovation regularly hosts innovation forums, live-webinars, and other events. They're a great resource to learn and connect with others in the innovation management industry.