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What we do

At HYPE, we produce software to help idea and innovation managers collect and manage ideas, vet them, and turn them into concepts with business cases to get them ready for prototyping and implementation. However, innovation management today is still not easy, despite what some people may want you to believe.

Plugging in a piece of software just won’t cut it. That's why we have a strong consulting team with several years of practical innovation project experience, among them former innovation managers. We take our clients by the hand and help them reach their individual goals, whether it is increasing revenue, saving costs, improving processes, or the digital transformation of their company.


How we work

Focus on clients

We consider ourselves "helpers," not "sellers." That’s why prospects get to speak to one of our consultants first when they reach out to us. Here they find somebody who understands their business challenge and can help them pinpoint key requirements.

We then transfer this knowledge to the demo and sales team. In that way, the following software demos and sales communication are always adjusted to the individual need of each client to ensure we don’t waste their time. When we agree to start a joint project, our project managers, customer success team and consulting team work together to reach the client’s business goal.


Collaborate across teams

We believe in teamwork. But teamwork doesn't stop at the individual teams or departments. Collaboration across disciplines is common and desired. It helps to step out of our box and get a fresh perspective on the challenges we face. In our client projects, for example, our project managers work closely with the sales and solution consulting team, as well as our consultants and marketers, to quickly find solutions, information, new features and services, and connections to other clients – whatever is required to serve the client’s needs.


Be transparent

We value honest, direct, and clear communication and feedback. It helps prevent confusion, saves time, and it makes our relationships both internal and external  authentic and credible. Transparency builds trust and lifts us higher than we could rise alone.


Human at the core

Colleagues and clients

Ever since our founding in 2001, we have been proud to uphold five fundamental values which drive the way we work: integrity, accountability, fairness, diversity, and customer intimacy.

At HYPE, our colleagues are people we not only work with but people we enjoy spending time with. It's really like a family. We call the people we do business with “clients,” not “customers.” Why? Because we don’t just drop software over the fence. We strive for intimate client relationships for the long run. Business should always be about people. And thus, our business is about making them successful; not about selling stuff to them.

HYPE people working

Our Commitment to Gender Equality

HYPE believes in the importance of gender equality and empowering women in tech & innovation. We started our "Women in Innovation" initiative to provide a female perspective on innovation topics to encourage more women to pursue a career in innovation, champion it in their organizations, and pave the way for future generations.

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