An Idea Management platform designed to answer innovation managers' needs and meet users' expectations

Trend Scouting

Research and connect trends to your strategic innovation areas and idea campaigns to inspire your crowd or highlight recent developments in your industry. New trends excite your users and incentivize them to visit the platform more often.

screenshot of trend scouting in HYPE's innovation management software
screenshot of idea campaigns in HYPE's innovation management software

Idea Generation

Quickly set up idea campaigns for targeted ideation with our campaign wizard, either from scratch or based on past campaign templates. Contextual help guides participants to ensure high-quality idea submissions. 


Collaboration is a key element of your sustainable innovation program. HYPE Enterprise requires a minimum number of comments, votes, and visits for new idea submissions. While ideators have to collaborate to push each other’s ideas over this threshold, it also helps to enrich ideas and reduce the review team’s workload. When commenting, your users can assume and mark their perspective on the idea, similar to de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats (c). You can also request certain perspectives for a more balanced idea review.  

comments in idea campaigns for innovation
evaluation of ideas in HYPE's innovation software


Choose from a range of evaluation methods to match your individual scenario. With HYPE’s idea boards, you can easily triage ideas to filter out those that do not fit your current need. Use our evaluation wizard to quickly set up detailed scorecard evaluations sessions. You can define your team of subject matter experts and tailor the criteria to the ideas ready for review. Pairwise evaluation helps your review team to intuitively generate ranked lists of good ideas based on a head-to-head comparison. You can assign weightings to your criteria and easily spot the best idea in the result table. 


Take your best ideas into the concept phase where you scrutinize them, assign resources and budget, and develop a business case — all guided by HYPE Enterprise. Track the decisions made by your innovation board as you move your concepts to the innovation project phase. Here, you can define milestones and iterate on the ideas. Set up your success KPIs with our KPI wizard to always stay on top of your innovation pipeline, and report on the latest developments with a single click.


Platform integrations API

HYPE Enterprise adheres to the latest security standards and offers you embedding in leading enterprise social software platforms, as well as a universal API for your enterprise business applications.


HYPE Innovation is one of the world's leading providers of software and services for idea and innovation management. Companies work with a broad range of providers and follow numerous approaches to generate future innovation options: idea campaigns, open innovation, insights scouting, startup relationships, intrapreneurship, and many more. Typically, these initiatives run in isolation.
HYPE offers an integrated solution: HYPE Enterprise is your value creation hub, allowing all innovation activities to be tracked on a unified platform.

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