HYPE for SharePoint

Get more from your SharePoint investment with innovation management capabilities from HYPE

Microsoft SharePoint is used as a corporate platform for many business activities, where colleagues share information, store documents and manage projects. HYPE for SharePoint provides the opportunity to integrate your innovation management tool into this data hub and gain the resulting benefits: enhanced visibility for your innovation program, facilitated access for end-users and the chance to involve a much bigger community in idea generation.

Content building blocks in SharePoint (“web parts”) allow for visibility of idea content, images, tables, and diagrams directly within SharePoint sites. In addition, users do not have to maintain their profiles in two systems – changes in their “MySite” profile are applied to the HYPE profile automatically

HYPE for SharePoint includes: 

  • Large-scale collaboration across your innovation community, directly from your corporate SharePoint portal
  • Corporate campaigns through publication on your SharePoint portal
  • Easy-to-create HYPE Web Parts, enabling SharePoint administrators to quickly launch new intranet sites
  • Seamless and secure access with single sign-on (SSO)
  • User profile synchronization, ensuring consistency between MySite and HYPE databases
  • Enterprise SharePoint search enhanced by HYPE’s intuitive, idea-centric search
  • Enhanced innovation potential of MySite contributors through the integration of personalized dashboards, e.g. regarding the latest ideas, voting, user reputation, as well as idea evaluation and idea selection
  • Detailed rights management to disclose critical data only to authorized user groups