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Why Your Organization Needs to Invest in Innovation Capital

Innovation capital refers to the type of capital that promotes and sustains the change an organization needs for achieving innovation. As a primary catalyst to value creation, its crucial for companies to understand innovation capital. So, how can you use it?

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Why Are We Making Innovation So Complex?

It always amazes me how we limit growth by not investing fully in innovation. While most large companies want to become more agile and innovative, many of them fail to turn this wish into a reality.

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The Definition of Innovation

The definition of innovation often refers to the introduction of new products and services that add value to an organization, but industry experts say there's more to it. Here are 22 different definitions of innovation.

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How to Keep Your Innovation Processes in Check

Just like cultural or structural changes, business process changes too involve a carefully orchestrated approach. This post offers guidance on how to manage innovation processes and keep things in check.

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How 3 Companies Sustained Innovation Success

What is "The Hundred Club"? Companies that succeed in maintaining innovation success didn't just have good ideas. Why Six Sigma and dynamic capabilities are so essential to sustaining innovation.