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The Innovation Manager's Reading List

We've pulled together a reading list for those new to innovation management including Kaplan's recent 2018 recommendations and some of our personal favorites. This list is in no way exhaustive, but it's a great place to start.

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Innovation and the Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty

Being too focused on a problem or an objective and lacking the awareness of the wider situation can become a massive problem. In this post, we will see how important it is to keep the bigger situation in view.

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The Power of Problem Exploration

Problem exploration correlates with high-quality creativity. In this post, we explore the power of problem exploration in innovation.

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Giving Shape to the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

The fuzzy front end of innovation refers to generating ideas within an organization. It is where so much uncertainty exists that we are often profoundly challenged to shape the many unknowns. So where do you start?

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Planned Change Management and Why You Should Care

What are the different planned change management models? We compare Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step Change Model, the Action Research Model, and the Positive Model, starting with the most famous one.