Case Studies From the Field of Innovation Management

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Case Studies

Baxi Heating UK

How a 150-Year-Old Manufacturing Company Is Leveraging Online Innovation to Drive Cultural Transformation

Case Studies


How to move from a suggestion box to a solutions platform for continuous improvement.

Case Studies


How to build an enterprise-wide innovation program which delivers high-impact results.

Case Studies


How to create a process for co-creation with your customers, to fuel innovation.

Case Studies


Boost participation and increase idea quality by focusing on the culture of the organization.

Case Studies

Al Rajhi

Over 8,000 employees engaging in English and Arabic to provide new service ideas.

Case Studies

BST Corp

Find out how the Chilean outsourcing specialist engages its employees to innovate internal processes with HYPE GO!

Case Studies


15,000 employees helping to increase knowledge sharing and drive breakthrough innovations at Bombardier Transportation.