Case Studies From the Field of Innovation Management

Download stories from HYPE clients to learn more about their innovation programs.

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Case Studies

Baxi Heating UK

How a 150-Year-Old Manufacturing Company Is Leveraging Online Innovation to Drive Cultural Transformation

Case Studies


How to move from a suggestion box to a solutions platform for continuous improvement.

Case Studies


An in-depth case study looking at how ConocoPhillips gathered millions of dollars in cash flow improvement initatives through the HYPE platform.

Case Studies


How to build an enterprise-wide innovation program which delivers high-impact results.

Case Studies

UC San Diego

How to use innovation management to support the strategic goals of a higher education institution.

Case Studies


How to create an innovation management utility for the rest of the business.

Case Studies


Collecting ideas from across the company to develop new product innovations.

Case Studies

Casa Pellas

Build an enterprise wide platform for process improvements and employee innovation.