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Program Structure & Alignment
White Paper

Does Your Organization Have an Innovation Mentality?

HYPE and AllChange look at why innovation is not a business function, but rather a mindset which requires purpose. Including a self-evaluation checklist, a maturity framework, this paper provides the foundations for developing your organization's innovation mentality.


Choosing an Innovation Management Solution

Learn the key aspects to consider when looking for an innovation management solution provider. Highlights: 5 pillars of a successful solution Top 10 essential selection criteria Must-ask questions for reference calls Vendor comparison checklist

Case Studies

Baxi Heating UK

How a 150-Year-Old Manufacturing Company Is Leveraging Online Innovation to Drive Cultural Transformation

Case Studies


How to move from a suggestion box to a solutions platform for continuous improvement.

Blog Articles

Why Your Organization Needs to Invest in Innovation Capital

Innovation capital refers to the type of capital that promotes and sustains the change an organization needs for achieving innovation. As a primary catalyst to value creation, its crucial for companies to understand innovation capital. So, how can you use it?