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What You Need to Know Before Creating an Innovation Culture

Sure, we all want a culture of innovation in our organizations, but before you dive into creating one, you first need to know what an innovation culture actually is. In this post, we examine what you need to know about innovation cultures in your organization.

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Identifying Stakeholders: A Quick Innovation Managers Guide

While there are many indications of who or what represents a potential stakeholder for your innovation program, not all of them are valuable. To help shed some light on this theme, we examine stakeholder identification and salience and define who and what really counts.

Blog Articles

Top 5 Blog Posts From Innovation Management Expert Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft has been a contributor to this innovation blog for so long, that over the time he became an integral part of it. Tackling a broad range of topics, from digital transformation to design thinking he's a highly-regarded expert in the innovation industry.