From Engagement to Implementation - A Practicioner's Guide


Tudor Cobalas
Tudor Cobalas Chief Acceleration Officer, XL family LinkedIn
Anne Twilt
Anne Twilt Innovation Coach LinkedIn
Jaspar Roos
Jaspar Roos Chief Inspiration Officer LinkedIn

About this webinar

During the Innovation Managers Forum in Bonn our partners from XL family learned from many of HYPE’s clients that there are three major challenges they have face:

  1. How to get more engagement on the platform
  2. How to get ideas of better quality that are aligned to the strategy of the organization
  3. How to accelerate implementation after an idea has been selected

XL family found that they have fresh answers to these questions. Consequently, Jaspar Roos, Tudor Cobalas, and Anne Twilt will share with you their solutions for all three of the challenges. They will discuss several business cases to give you a clear idea of the actions to take and the results you can expect.

In this webinar you will

  • Learn about employee engagement and how you can stimulate it (Employee Engagement)
  • Get some guide lines on ideation (Idea Generation)
  • Hear about the clear and structured path to implementation at XL family (the "Business Sprint")

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