How to build a sustainable innovation management program


Roel de Vries
Roel de Vries Innovation Program Manager LinkedIn E-mail
sarah kelly
Sarah Kelly Innovation Network Manager LinkedIn E-mail
Colin Nelson
Colin Nelson Director of Enterprise Innovation Consulting LinkedIn E-mail

About this webinar

Establishing a sustainable program is a challenge all innovation managers have to face. Especially, if your company has a history of failed innovation programs. People might have lost their trust in these initiatives. How can you make sure that your program is still alive after a few years? How can you turn it into a long-term, respected institution for your company? 

Liberty Global is one of HYPE's longstanding clients and has a role model innovation program to learn from. The Spark program, initiated by Roel de Vries, has grown from local initiative to an enterprise-spanning collaboration platform, successfully combining online and offline ideation and delivering millions in cost savings and additional revenue. 

In this interview, HYPE's Colin Nelson will interview Roel de Vries and Sarah Kelly from the Spark innovation team and investigate the hurdles they had to take and look for pieces of advice they can give to fellow innovation managers.

Key Timings

7:40 Focus of the business Jump
11:55 Initial goals of the program Jump
14:20 When did the management get interested? Jump
19:00 Changing from a suggestion scheme to a idea-campaign-based approach Jump
25:00 Training people to make the program resonate Jump
28:30 ROI and measurable results of the innovation program Jump
37:00 How did the leadership team react to the results? Jump
45:00 Does the campaign approach also work for small organizations? Jump
52:39 Summary Jump

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