Panel Discussion: Promoting your Enterprise Innovation Program - Strategies, Tactics, Actions


Roel de Vries
Roel de Vries Innovation Program Manager, Liberty Global LinkedIn
Dan Kaus
Dan Kaus Senior Manager Innovation Office, Otsuka LinkedIn

About this webinar

One of the most crucial elements to success is the communication and promotion strategy of an innovation initiative. This is not only important during its launch, but throughout the lifetime of the program. Not paying enough attention to this topic from the beginning is likely to result in low participation and poor results.In this IM Channel One webinar learn more about how to promote an innovation program effectively to raise awareness and get sustainable engagement.

The panel discussion focuses on the different facets of communications in innovation programs on a strategic, as well as on a micro level. The participants share insights on their internal communication tactics and actions throughout the different stages of the program, targeting at senior and middle management, as well as the employees base.

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