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screenshot of a company profile in the PRM software

PRM software


  • Align with the business strategy: HYPE Enterprise PRM connects your partner opportunities to your organization's strategic innovation areas.
  • Open a gateway for innovation proposals: Source incoming proposals from potential partners and match them with relevant business owners.
  • Capture all interactions: Track and communicate your interactions with partners transparently.
  • Manage your opportunities: Assess where to take your partnership - whether corporate venturing, joint technological development, or simply inspiration.
  • Kick-start your ideation process: Start idea campaigns and idea generation directly from partner profiles.

AI-backed search and analysis 

  • Identify the right partners quickly: HYPE PRM helps you crawl your organization's internal data for relevant partner contacts.
  • AI-backed partner scouting: Mapegy's AI-based, fully integrated Scout finds partners matching your scope.
  • Complete partner profiles automatically: Once you've identified a potential partner, Scout can autocomplete missing intel for you. 
  • Monitor your partner ecosystem: HYPE's strategic radar maps opportunities based on custom criteria – defined by you.
screenshot of Mapagy'scout

Scenario with high potential: startup engagement


Top considerations when working with startups

According to a report by 500 Startups, less than 25% of startup engagements are successful. HYPE Enterprise PRM solves common pain points to set you up for quick results:
  1. Speed: Startups are a fast-moving species. Our AI-powered search, drawing data from Crunchbase, helps you to identify relevant startups quickly.
  2. Tracking: Our PRM solution helps you stay on top of your relations, as corporates typically have to run pilots with a range of startups to find the right partner.
  3. Transparency: HYPE offers a single point of truth. Find out who else in your organization is in touch with which startup. Track all information on a potential partner in one central place.
process of the startups scouting