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Engage with the innovation partners of your choice and discover the opportunities to transform your organization.






Discover Innovation Partners

HYPE Partner Relationship Management brings transparency and efficiency to your PRM process, allowing all departments to work cross-functionally when searching and vetting opportunities.

  • Strategic Alignment: Connect partner opportunities to your organization's strategic innovation areas, encouraging work that aligns with corporate goals
  • Partner Identification: Define your project’s scope and relevant criteria, then automatically crawl internal and external databases for partners or allow external sources to self-register and submit their own proposals.
  • Data-backed qualification: Assess and qualify partners using integrated data, such as patent information and IPO status

Track & Manage Partnerships

  • Track potential partners: Track any activity with partners across your organization to create one central source of truth for partnerships
  • Jumpstart your ideation process: Start a targeted campaign inspired by a startup or other partner directly from their profile.
  • Monitor your partner ecosystem: Keep up with the pace of the market - monitor your partner ecosystem for developments and trends
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Scenario with high potential: 

corporate engagement with startups


Top considerations when working with startups

According to a report by 500 Startups, less than 25% of startup engagements are successful. HYPE Enterprise PRM solves common pain points to set you up for quick results:
  1. Speed: Startups are fast-moving species. Our AI-powered search, drawing data from Crunchbase, helps you identify relevant startups quickly.
  2. Tracking: Stay on top of your relations, as corporates typically have to run pilots with a range of startups to find the right partner.
  3. Transparency: Find out who else in your organization is in touch with which startup. Track all information on a potential partner in one central place.
process of the startups scouting