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Enterprise-ready –
built for a lean mindset

HYPE Enterprise is feature rich, with an elegant user interface that requires no end-user training. Highly configurable, German-engineered, to meet the most demanding organizations.

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HYPE Innovation consultants team

Beyond technology

We understand the challenges facing innovation managers. We work as a partner with our clients, co-developing a strategy which goes beyond the tool, encompassing processes, collaboration, and culture.


Welcome to the family

HYPE is more than a software platform, we are an ecosystem. Our progressive client community, regional events, knowledge development, and partners, are the reason organizations work with us.

HYPE Innovation Managers community

HYPE Case Studies

"IdeaSpace is really a big part of the catalyst story – it keeps the network alive. It allows us to manage all of the local initiatives they are running, and it enables innovators to connect with the catalyst network.”

Konstantin Gänge, Airbus

"Choosing the right crowd is a really crucial aspect for us. We’re not interested in getting everybody involved. It’s about finding the right experts and connecting them to each other, and to the customer challenge.”

Joachim Box, Fujitsu

"A key learning to date is that idea campaigns achieve best results

when aligned to high level targets within the company."

Roel de Vries, Liberty Global

"HYPE has the capabilities and technical flexibility to integrate future innovation concepts into the virtual world."

Fabia Schlage, Nokia

"HYPE's consulting team is “in it” with us for the success of our idea crowdsourcing campaigns. They learned about us and pushed back when they saw us doing things that would hinder our own success."

Bob Neuhard, UC San Diego
Konstantin  Gänge
Joachim Box
Roel de Vries
Fabia Schlage
Bob Neuhard

Recent Innovation Posts

Content created especially for the Innovation Manager
Recent Highlight

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Innovation Forums

We regularly host innovation forums for our client community. They're a great chance to connect and learn with fellow practitioners.