Women in Innovation:
Choose to Challenge

About the event

On March 9th, 2021, HYPE hosted a virtual event featuring a series of conversations to excite, enthuse and inspire women to create impact and live a life of purpose.

Inspired by the International Women's Day theme of #ChoosetoChallenge, the event featured women from diverse backgrounds, industries, and cultures, all sharing their unique experiences of how they chose to challenge the status quo.

Check out the on-demand recordings below. 

The recordings

The Innovator's PURPOSE - How to Step Into Leadership & Take Courageous Action

by Natalie Turner, Author of "Yes, You Can Innovate" and Inventor of The Six 'I's® of Innovation


Abstract: As our old world continues to crumble beneath our feet, dismantling and disrupting the way we live and work, what is the bigger PURPOSE of leadership in these times of change? What is calling us forth to explore and develop new frontiers, and how can we evolve our thinking to lead others into the unknown? Natalie's keynote will motivate and inspire you to not only step into a greater sense of who you are and the critical role that you can play in your organization but also how you can contribute to moving humanity towards greater renewal and transformation.

Reinventing Yourself - A Leadership Perspective

by Senela Jayasuriya, Founder & CEO of Women Empowered Global, Diverse Consultants (Pvt) Ltd and the WEG Global Academy



Abstract: We are all at different stages in our personal journey of self-discovery, leadership, and success; our process of "becoming." Living in a world where the stakes are so high for women, how can we become more aligned with our aspirations; between our intentions and actions, while increasing our capacity to become a high-performance leader.

Senela is presenting a thought-provoking conversation exploring how to overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt, grow resilience, and build your capacity for leadership to convert challenges into new opportunities. Get inspired to take that bold step to shift your focus from awareness to action.

Women for Africa's Future - The Role of Women in Science, Technology & Innovation

by Jeanette Uddoh, Head of Innovation at Access Bank Plc



Abstract: To be the Head of Innovation at the largest bank in Nigeria and Africa's leading bank by customer base and branch network, Jeanette had to face numerous challenges. These challenges inspired her to found "Africa Rising - Women in Innovation," a community of innovators championing the cause of neo-African and African women in innovation. Jeanette founded the organization in response to the gender and diversity gap in innovation, a topic she is addressing in her presentation through the following challenges:

  • Participation of women in Science, Technology, and Innovation in Africa
  • Cultural myths of women representation in innovation
  • Mentorship, sponsorship, and visible female role models in innovation

Let's Challenge Innovation Myths - The Feminine Way!

by Fabienne Jacquet, Disruptive Innovator and Author: VENUS GENIUS: The Female Prescription for Innovation



Abstract: In her presentation, Fabienne is challenging the following myths:

  • Innovation is reserved for the elite
  • Innovation has to be managed like a business (driven by the masculine priorities of effectiveness, performance, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), etc.)
  • Emotions have no place in business; they don’t produce money
  • The female market is a ‘niche’ market, and women are happy with the products and services developed for them.

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