Best practices for building a successful innovation management program

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Whether you're expanding or just starting an innovation management program, remember this: it's not easy. There are tons of boxes to tick before your stakeholders are convinced you can create impact.

And while every company has their specific goals, culture, and dynamics impacting their route to success, strong innovation management programs all share constant themes. We gathered these themes into HYPE's 10 Rules of Innovation Management.

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  • WEEKS 1-2: Alignment, Management Support, and Sponsorship
  • WEEKS 3-4: Targeted Campaigns
  • WEEKS 5-6: Seeding and Advocates
  • WEEKS 6-8: Communication and Transparency
  • WEEKS 9-10: Evaluation and Recognition
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In between blogs, we'll be sending you a quick, 10-minute-long "coffee break" webinar hosted by the author of the 10 Rules of Innovation series, Roel de Vries. Roel is an innovation management expert who formerly worked as the head of innovation at Liberty Global and now works as an enterprise innovation consultant at HYPE. 

In the time it takes you to enjoy your coffee, tea, or wine (hey, we don't judge your beverage choices!), Roel will answer questions from the previous week's topics. We invite you to leave your questions in the comment section below the blog post or email us. We're here to help!

Get the 10-week series delivered to your inbox!