What makes HYPE different

Develop and realize ideas aligned with strategic initiatives

One platform for your entire innovation ecosystem

Innovation management today involves a variety of interconnected disciplines, such as trend and tech scouting, idea management, and innovation portfolio management. Give structure to your innovation process with HYPE Enterprise, the hub that allows you to share data among the disciplines and aggregate it to manage a strategically-aligned innovation ecosystem.

HYPE Innovation Ecosystem
Business goals illustration

Focused on business goals

We consider innovation management a systematic approach to reach your organization's goals. Base your innovation program on the company's overall strategic initiatives so that the work you do - whether you're recruiting startups, collecting new product ideas, or scanning the industry for new trends (or all of the above) - is aligned with what top management really wants.

In-house consulting to guide you

Programs need strategy and dedication to succeed, and no one knows that better than our team of Enterprise Innovation Consultants. Our in-house consultants are a mix of experts in the field and former innovation managers. They learn about your goal, about your boss's goals, and about your company goals. They help you set up your innovation program according to best practices that are aligned with the software. And their sole mission is to lead you to success - however you define it.

Jennifer Dunn, consultant at HYPE
Case Study
"HYPE is a partner. They work with us and help us solve problems. They have a software platform but it's not really the solution. They really help you get to the endpoint that you're trying to achieve. That's been one of the things we thought we were getting when we selected HYPE, and they've lived up to and exceeded that throughout the last three years we've worked with them. We've also found that HYPE is not just HYPE and its employees, but it's an ecosystem of colleagues and innovation experts around the world that we can work with, learn from, and share with, which I think is really unique."
Robert Neuhard from University of California San Diego
Robert Neuhard
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, UC San Diego


Our community

With HYPE, you're no longer the lone wolf of your innovation team. We host multiple events each year dedicated to our engaged community of clients, giving them a venue to learn, share, and network with each other. In addition, our clients also play a major role in HYPE's product development and participate in design thinking workshops throughout the year.