Looking to learn how organizations deal with the challenges and opportunities of innovation? We asked our customers.

What challenges were you facing before you found HYPE?

Learn about the innovation challenges UNICEF, Liberty Global, UC San Diego, AkzoNobel, Fujitsu and Subsea 7 faced.

How do you measure the business impact of your innovation initiative?

UC San Diego, Fujitsu, AkzoNobel, Liberty Global and Subsea 7 share the impact of their innovation programs and the KPIs they use to measure the success of their initiatives.

How is your initiative affecting staff engagement?

Staff engagement is a significant focus area for the University of California Irvine. Katherine Hills, Senior Director of Communications, explains how their innovation program impacts it.

What does Toyota's Innovation Fair look like?

Beth Davis, Innovation Consultant at Toyota, explains why and how Toyota runs their Innovation Fair.

How has your innovation program matured over the past year?

Learn what you can achieve with your innovation program within a year. Examples from Subsea 7, AkzoNobel, Fujitsu, Liberty Global, UC San Diego, and UNICEF.

How do you plan to grow your innovation program?

Discover how Subsea 7, AkzoNobel, Fujitsu, Liberty Global, UC San Diego and UNICEF are developing their innovation programs.

What are the success factors for an innovation program?

Lonza, CommScope, Cypress Semiconductor, UC Irvine, BAE Systems, UC San Diego share the most important criteria for an innovation program to be successful. 

What are the top challenges for innovation managers?

CommScope, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, Lonza, Cypress Semiconductor and BAE Systems share their struggles and how they overcome them.

What does innovation management mean to your organization?

Learn what innovation management means to WILO, DEWA, Liberty Global, BASF and Baxi.

What's the business impact of your innovation program?

Learn about the impact of innovation management at Liberty Global, BASF, World of Medicine, DEWA, Baxi, and WILO.

What advice would you give to innovation managers just starting out?

Get advice on how to get started with innovation management from Technicolor, DEWA, Liberty Global, Hasselt University, WOM, Saint-Gobain, WILO and Baxi.

What are you trying to achieve in innovation management?

Definitions and insights on how to measure success in innovation management from Airbus, BASF, UCSD, Merck, and Nokia