Identify groundbreaking trends to sense market changes.

In times of continuous change, every organization needs orientation. Signals from the economy, changes in society: Recognize, understand and use future potential, opportunities and risks profitably.
Pay attention today to the customer needs of tomorrow. 


Track global trends


Track global trends 

Trends are short-lived, keeping your finger on the pulse is the key challenge for trend scouts and strategy teams. With HYPE Strategy you effectively collect and analyze trends and insights.
We continuously follow the latest signals and developments around the world for you. Combine these signals into larger micro, macro, and overarching megatrends. You can conveniently filter these trends by industry, country, or individual products and services. This gives you an overview of all developments at all times.

Connect trends within your ecosytem

Recognizing trends is important, but it is only by linking them to further data that real added value is created. In addition to trend analyses and trend reports, HYPE enables you to create knowledge networks by linking relevant trends to e.g. ideas, partners, technologies, and strategic innovation fields. 



Activate your community to better analyze trends

Have you captured all relevant perspectives for an assessment? Are you sure you are correctly assessing the potential of a trend for the entire organization?

With HYPE Strategy you democratize trend scouting and management. Invite your community to connect and enrich trends by capturing their feedback through comments and votes.

Capture the current status at a glance

Countless trends reach you through different channels and in different qualities. HYPE's Trend Radar provides a multidimensional overview of opportunities and helps to identify white spots. With one click, you can drill down into the underlying data. This way you can easily navigate between meta-level and deeper levels of your selected data.