Project Management

Manage your innovation portfolio


More information, better decisions

Bridge the gap between collecting ideas and creating value. With HYPE's project management module, build flexible processes to validate your concepts, so you know whether to implement a business case or send it back to the drawing board.



A process that works for you

Bringing a concept to reality doesn’t always follow the same workflow. Whether you’re building an MVP or business case, HYPE supports your process. Easily drag and drop different steps to create your own process or select from a library of templates and get started quickly.




A faster way to validate

Validate and build your concept with specific business units, SMEs, and more. Support implementation by assigning tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines to ensure you’re getting the deliverables you need, and on time. With HYPE’s Kanban overview, easily spot slowdowns to keep the team on track.

Decide what (and what not) to do

Make the most of your organization’s strategic position. Manage your portfolio of opportunities with HYPE’s reporting capabilities. With tools like the Portfolio Analyzer, visualize every existing project so your team can decide which projects to pursue, and which ones might need a little more planning.


Innovation needs creativity. But it also needs a process.




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Project setup and management is simple. Our intuitive interface guides you through each field step-by-step so no details are overlooked - and you can start working on what matters.

Drag-and-drop ease

Build and adjust your process even if your goals change along the way. With HYPE's flexibility, there’s no need to start from scratch.


Unnecessarily complicated forms can distract from the most important information. HYPE offers best-practice templates, which you can quickly pare down to your most essential questions.


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Take your innovation portfolio to the next level.