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partnership relationship management

Scout, track, and manage your innovation partners who can help you solve your business challenges and gain competitive advantage.





Corporate partnering for open innovation

Whether you need to scout for a new technology solution, discover early-stage startups, or find third-party partners to collaborate with, HYPE Partnering has you covered. Access all the data you need about your potential partner, streamline processes and run multiple pilots at once. Transparently track their outcomes and build long-lasting innovation partnerships all in one tool.

HYPE Partnering enables corporate innovation partnerships to happen faster than ever


Scout potential startups to partner with through AI-powered search

Get instant access to millions of innovative companies, early-stage startups, and technology solutions globally across all verticals and industries to make better decisions about potential partnerships using data and analysis instead of gut feeling and coincidences.

Let startups come to you and submit their solutions by publishing an open challenge

Publish a webpage where external parties can submit their proposals based on your requirements. Attract the best talent, partners, startups, and technologies to meet your defined criteria.

Stay up to date with ever-evolving partner profiles

Profiles are automatically updated as new information, such as the IPO status of a company, becomes available. Invite internal and external stakeholders to add to your partner profile, creating an ecosystem that leads to new opportunities.


Customize and standardize your own streamlined partnering process

Nothing can improve efficiency as much as a clearly defined workflow. And with HYPE Partnering, you are in control of how you want the procedure and data sharing to look, by setting the right filters.

Analyze and measure your success

Use HYPE’s KPI reports keeping an eye on activities, trends, processing, and business value generated through your partner relationship program. Track topics that are frequently addressed to help identify new areas for partnerships.


HYPE Innovation management software is suitable for every business need.


HYPE Strategy

It all starts with scouting trends in the market, signals, and insights that enable you to make data-backed decisions.


HYPE Ideation

Crowdsource ideas from your stakeholders and transparently progress these ideas toward implementation.


HYPE Projects

Create flexible processes to validate your concepts with HYPE Projects, so you know whether to execute the business case or send it back to the drawing board.


HYPE Innovation Consulting

Get support from our innovation consulting team. HYPE’s team offers full support for your innovation program, from strategic planning to hands-on implementation.


AI-powered search

Find relevant information about potential partners by crawling a robust database of organizations, news sources, patents, podcasts, websites, experts, and more.

Request for proposal

Instead of searching for partners, let them come to you. Publish a webpage where external parties can submit their proposals based on your requirements.

Internal search

Sometimes your colleagues are already working with a partner that could solve your challenge. HYPE makes finding existing partnerships across your organization easy.

Innovation missions

An innovation mission is the first step in finding a solution to a problem. It’s issued by an internal stakeholder and owned and worked on by the scouting team.

Topic Clusters

Topic Clusters are powerful objects that help gather and assess information such as organizations, news items, patents, and experts around a specific topic.

Evaluation tools

Assess partnering candidates with a robust set of evaluation tools to find the best option. Use templates for quick setup or define your requirements.

Business Value KPIs

Tracking success has never been so easy: Based on forecasted revenues and costs per opportunity, you measure your partnering program’s contribution to your organization’s performance.


Go from high-level to detail with a single click: HYPE KPIs offer to click down from aggregated numbers to the underlying data.

MS Office Exports

There may be situations when you just need the data outside the system. HYPE charts can easily be exported to Excel and partner profiles can be downloaded as a PPT slide deck.


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