Go beyond corporate boundaries

  Your organization might not employ all the bright minds in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with them. With HYPE’s open innovation platform, use the collective knowledge and expertise of your customers, suppliers, partners, and more to build a competitive advantage.

Expand your innovation program

Inviting people outside your organization to participate in your program is a challenging task. HYPE helps you engineer this transition safely with configurable access rights and flexible hosting options. HYPE’s consultants are also there to help you navigate through common pitfalls and apply best practices.

Build lasting partnerships

Finding the right external partners for innovation is crucial to building a competitive advantage. HYPE offers the coaching and technical expertise to help you find, engage, and nurture audience groups. Attract promising startups, develop your network of experts, or tap into the collective intelligence of your customers all in one place.


Grow your innovation ecosystem

As you become more experienced, invite a diverse mix of external groups, such as startups, fan communities, and suppliers, and benefit from the broad range of perspectives. Use HYPE to build a single access point for open collaboration and where you can visualize interactions with each stakeholder and manage engagement.

Leverage the collective intelligence of expert networks with the help of specialized partners

An external expert network can help validate ideas within the organization and even augment them further. HYPE has partnered with HYVE, NineSigma, and Atizo to deliver additional capabilities.

Our partners


Find the right crowd

Choosing the right crowd is crucial. If you don’t know who to engage, our partner HYVE, supported by HYPE technology, can find the right crowd for you and help you manage them.

Target technical experts

Looking for a group of external experts to submit solutions to your technical challenges? Our partner NineSigma offers a ready-to-go community of engaged subject matter experts, powered by HYPE software.

Case Study
"Choosing the right crowd is a really crucial aspect for us. We’re not interested in getting everybody involved. It’s about finding the right experts and connecting them to each other, and to the customer challenge."
Joachim Box
Director of Innovation, Fujitsu EMEIA