Tailor-made Innovation Platforms


Map individual processes into a flexible platform 

HYPE offers flexible configuration options. Take advantage of HYPE’s customizable software platform by tailoring any innovation-related process to your exact needs.


Sometimes, even a highly-rated, commercial off-the-shelf product just won’t cut it. Instead of restructuring your already functioning best practices around a piece of software, choose software that can work the way you work.

Super-charge existing processes

Are you looking to digitalize operations in R&D, HR, or Marketing? Are you ready to replace outdated technology and embrace the benefits of a state-of-the-art platform? HYPE’s Custom Projects Team works with you through an in-depth assessment to identify and understand your pain points to develop a custom solution. With decades of experience, potential pitfalls are uncovered early on, ensuring the success of your project.

HYPE Processes
Your benefits


Rich Feature Set

Access the full functionality of HYPE’s vast product range — all configured to your specific needs.

No Coding Required

Your HYPE platform is built with QA-tested building blocks and assembled just by clicking and typing — no coding, no tears.

Priority Access

Be the first to know about new features our engineers are developing.

Processes supported by HYPE’s Custom Projects Team:

Check-suite Idea and Innovation Management

Check-suite Open Innovation

Check-suite Portfolio Management

Check-suite Product and Services Lifecycle Management

Check-suite Process Improvement

Check-suite Information Management

Check-suite Phase and Stage-Gate Processes

Check-suite Trademark, Patent, and Invention Disclosure Management

Don't just listen to us — listen to our customers
"This is certainly one of the strengths of HYPE: It's not just about throwing software over the fence, but they help you implement it and offer customizations to your needs. The software is backed by services and a lot of support from experienced project managers and consultants."
Marcus Vossen
Head of IP and Innovation Management Intermediates, BASF

Find a partner in HYPE

HYPE’s experienced project consultants ask the right questions to guide you to the platform you need to succeed. With HYPE, you don’t just get a software provider; you get a true partner. We take great pride in our close customer relationships. Next to open and transparent communication, our focus on tenable relationships and prioritizing your business goals are key differentiators.



Focused on Your Goals

Your goals drive our projects. Functionality is essential, but we understand our customers and tie our success to theirs.

Future-proof Implementation

HYPE is committed to long-term success—both yours and ours. We build platforms that can easily be changed, expanded, or integrated in the future.

Cost Efficiency

Stay on top of ongoing developments and costs with our iterative, transparent approach, backed by clear requirements and progress documentation.


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