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Innovation strategy consulting services for accelerated business growth

Whether you want to outsource the execution of your innovation program, train your team, or simply need innovation strategy consulting services, our team of enterprise innovation consultancy experts is here to help you achieve whatever success means to you.

Our Approach

A holistic approach to innovation consulting

Technology is just one piece of a puzzle. You need people and processes in place for your innovation strategy to deliver the results you need.

Through guiding your leadership team, training your employees, and supporting you in applying different innovation methodologies, we help you build a holistic innovation engine that fits the needs and culture of your organization.

Our Services

Enterprise innovation strategy consultancy services

Innovation Consulting

  • Define your innovation strategy and guide your leadership team toward your strategic goals.
  • Adopt a change management approach to fit your organization’s culture and deliver engagement and business value.
  • Build an innovation program with sustainable foundations that adapts to your organization’s culture, structure and objectives.

Training and Coaching

  • Define and establish best practices across your organization.
  • Develop a team of practitioners that’s self-sufficient and engaged in your program.
  • Apply methods to real-world situations and adapt to different and ever-changing scenarios.

Tools and Methodologies

  • Through 15 years of practitioner experience, we’ve developed robust methodologies to help you define a strategy unique to your organization.
  • Our tools and templates are designed to help you de-risk your innovation program.
  • The innovation “roadmap to success” we build with you can be re-used when you need to change tack.
Our Values

What sets us apart?

  • Motivation It's the motivation of our team, which seamlessly integrates with your own, dedicated to helping you achieve success.
  • Innovation Our innovation ecosystem is laser-focused on maximizing the impact of your innovation program.
  • Sustainability The sustainable foundations we establish with you not only boost program engagement but also magnify its long-term impact.
  • Efficiency We teach you what tools to use and when so you can efficiently adapt your innovation program when circumstances change.
Ricoh’s passion for people and innovation has led us to partner with HYPE as we looked for a world-class ideas platform to capture our employees’ amazing ideas. We have always been hugely impressed with the HYPE team and their desire to deliver beyond our expectations as they continue to support our innovation journey through a partnership that began in 2015 - and looks likely to continue for a long time to come.
Haroon Mohammed
Haroon Mohammed
Finance Director

Grow your business with a 360° innovation management platform


HYPE Innovate

Combine trend, idea, and project management to create strategic alignment with organizational objectives and propel concepts into groundbreaking realities.

HYPE Partnering

HYPE Partnering

Scout, identify, and manage your ideal innovation partners as well as the opportunities you generate with them.


HYPE Viima

Use an agile approach to quickly and effectively scale ideas through broad participation and optimized workflows for organizational impact.

HYPE Enterprise Suite

HYPE Enterprise Suite

Our team is here to ensure you get the support you need in order to bring the best results out of your innovation program.

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