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Idea management software to crowdsource ideas, evaluate them at scale, easily identify the most promising ones, and turn them into reality — all on one powerful and easy-to-use tool.

Accelerate your business growth with a complete end-to-end idea management software

HYPE's idea management module provides idea management software to manage the complete lifecycle of an idea, from generation to execution. Whether you’re collecting ideas from your employees to solve internal business challenges or opening up your innovation program to external stakeholders, HYPE has your back.

What would you like to achieve with your idea management software?


Streamline your idea management processes

Crowdsource ideas directly aligned to your business goals

Launch idea crowdsourcing campaigns that reflect your business challenges or strategic goals to let your ideators know what ideas you’re looking for and what ideas would have the most impact on the company.


Have full control over where your ideas come from

Whether you're innovating with employees or external parties, HYPE's targeted campaigns enable you to efficiently collect ideas focused on the topics that are important for you.

Collaborate on ideas and keep everyone up to date

Keep everyone in the loop by enabling real-time collaboration even if your team is working remotely. Everyone can express their opinion by using intuitive tools such as likes and comments.

Easily surface the most promising ideas at scale

HYPE makes it easy to establish a custom evaluation process that’s repeatable and scalable. Select from a robust set of tools to design a personalized workflow that uncovers the most promising ideas. Use predefined templates for quick setup or define your own criteria.


Move ideas forward all the way through to implementation

Progressing ideas toward making them a reality is the key to the success of your innovation program. Tracking the status of every submitted idea will motivate your ideators to participate in future campaigns.

Analyzing, measuring, and optimizing has never been this easy

Gain critical insights into your idea management performance to make data-driven decisions. To monitor your campaigns, HYPE offers standard as well as fully customizable KPIs and reports.

Success is based on measuring, tracking, and optimizing. Stay on top of your idea management program.

Multi-Perspective Thinking

With HYPE’s creativity tools, such as Multi-Perspective Thinking, structure the type of feedback you give and receive on ideas, eliminating inefficient discussions.

Community Graduation

Stir collaboration and excitement among participants. With Community Graduation, set targets that comments, votes, and likes must reach to label an idea as “HOT!”.

Communication Hub

Use the Communication Hub to reach out to participants with pre-populated lists, like invitees who haven’t submitted an idea or those who haven't viewed a campaign.

Idea Board

Stay on top of submitted ideas while your campaign is still running. Categorize your ideas by dragging and dropping them into custom buckets, saving time for your future self as you prepare for evaluations.


Use the Pairwise tool to evaluate ideas based on gut feel. Compare ideas side by side and select the one you feel has the most promise based on criteria defined during setup.


With HYPE’s Scorecard tool, evaluate ideas based on criteria that address your requirements. Score criteria to uncover the ideas that fit your campaign’s goals.

Teams that excel at idea management trust HYPE
“HYPE offers a one-stop 'shop' to solicit innovation ideas, encourage comments and feedback, develop filtering criteria, align ideas to strategy and ultimately evaluate them remotely but still as a team. This robust functionality is wrapped in a UI that makes it very customizable and easy to set up, add users, administer, and eventually manage the project. Its ease of use belies its deep functionality.”
Brian Treinen
Portfolio and Program Manager, Harley Davidson

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