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Strategic partnerships made easy

HYPE Partnering is an intuitive platform to discover, track, and manage your external innovation partnerships. Connect and collaborate with partners transparently across your organization.



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HYPE Partnering offers a smart way to identify organizations that help you solve your challenges







Identify potential partners

With HYPE Partnering, identify candidates for strategic partnerships quickly. Multiple discovery functions offer you different ways to find partners and their related insights, such as news items, patent releases, and new technologies. Our seamless integration with the leading startup scouting platform INNOSPOT offers a peerless package of scouting and managing functions.

AI-powered search

Find relevant information about potential partners by crawling a robust database of organizations, news sources, patents, podcasts, websites, experts, and more.

Request for proposal

Instead of searching for partners, let them come to you. Publish a webpage where external parties can submit their proposals based on your requirements.

Internal search

Sometimes your colleagues are already working with a partner that could solve your challenge. HYPE makes finding existing partnerships across your organization easy.



Build & evolve partner profiles 

Profiles are automatically updated as new information, such as the IPO status of a company, becomes available. Additionally, you can invite internal and external stakeholders to add to your partner profile, creating an ecosystem that leads to new opportunities.


Increase efficiency with clear processes

Your stakeholders describe their request in a form and submit it to the scouting team. Your scouts help refine the brief to set expectations right and start gathering potential partners and additional information around the topic at hand. With your stakeholder, you analyze the information and create a shortlist of candidates for a pilot.

Innovation missions

An innovation mission is the first step in finding a solution to a problem. It’s issued by an internal stakeholder and owned and worked on by the scouting team.

Topic Clusters

Topic Clusters are powerful objects that help gather and assess information such as organizations, news items, patents, and experts around a specific topic.

Evaluation tools

Assess partnering candidates with a robust set of evaluation tools to find the best option. Use templates for quick setup or define your requirements.


Stay on top of developments

Use HYPE’s KPI reports to keep an eye on activities, trends, processing, and business value generated through your partner relationship program. Track topics that are particularly often addressed to identify white spots in your organization’s capabilities and future setup.


Business Value KPIs

Tracking success has never been so easy: Based on forecasted revenues and costs per opportunity, you measure your partnering program’s contribution to your organization’s performance.


Go from high-level to detail with a single click: HYPE KPIs offer to click down from aggregated numbers to the underlying data.

MS Office Exports

There may be situations when you just need the data outside the system. HYPE charts can easily be exported to Excel and partner profiles can be downloaded as a PPT slide deck.


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