Signal Scouting and Trend Management

Innovation strategy software for trend scouting and Data-driven decision making


Scout, organize, and analyze relevant trends to uncover areas of innovative opportunities to bring clarity and confidence to your strategic innovation planning.

Centralized trend research for your innovation strategy


HYPE's Signal Scouting and Trend Management module is a collaborative, cloud-based research and trend collection tool that informs your innovation strategy. It provides a structured and scalable approach to collecting and analyzing trends and topics so your organization can make the most informed, data-backed decisions with confidence.

Your innovation strategy software where insights turn into actions




Discover, capture, and cluster trends and signals that impact your strategy. Keep all your research and insights in one centralized hub, easily accessible and searchable for your whole team. Build outstanding market intelligence and a competitive advantage that enables you to grow your market share.


Run evaluation sessions about trends, insights, and signals to strengthen your research. Choose from a set of tools to build and customize your evaluation process by defining the criteria that are specific to your organization’s needs.


Visualize your evaluation results, making it easy to analyze their potential impact. Use the “radar” to compare evaluation results and rank signals according to their potential value.




Use embedded tools such as commenting, voting, sharing, and likes to collaborate with your team. Follow topic clusters to receive real-time updates from your team whenever new insights are added, to keep your strategy and knowledge up to date.


Turn signals, research, insights, and trends into strategic and innovative decisions. Select the most promising trends and move them forward to your innovation roadmap. Create milestones that you can connect to ideas, trends, and insights.

Take your innovation strategy a step further  

Uncover areas of strategic opportunities

Run evaluation sessions on signals to strengthen your research. With HYPE’s radar, visualize your evaluation results, making it easy to analyze their potential impact. Share your findings with your team and collaborate to build your strategic roadmap.


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HYPE Innovate

Combine trend, idea, and project management to create strategic alignment with organizational objectives and propel concepts into groundbreaking realities.


HYPE Partnering

Scout, identify and manage your ideal innovation partners as well as the opportunities you generate with them.


HYPE Viima

Use an agile approach to quickly and effectively scale ideas through broad participation and optimized workflows for organizational impact.


HYPE Innovation Consulting

Get support from our innovation consulting team. HYPE’s team offers full support for your innovation program, from strategic planning to hands-on implementation.

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Take signal scouting and trend management to the next level.