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The Start Page

The start page is your central innovation hub. This is where you show key information to your ideators and get them engaged:

  • The rotating campaign banner informs about running campaigns and invites users to participate
  • The innovation stream keeps users posted about the latest ideas, comments, and news
  • Recent trends are displayed to inspire your users
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The Trend Browser 

HYPE’s integration with TRENDONE brings 250 new, worldwide trends to your innovation platform! Support trend scouting and inspire your ideators!

  • Trends can be added to idea campaigns to provide inspiring sample content and to enrich ideas.
  • You can use the trends to support your strategic innovation areas with background information.
  • Trends help people to see new possibilities – the latest trends will appear on the home page to engage the audience and kick-start their creativity.
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KPI Engine

HYPE's Reporting Tools 

HYPE comes with predefined KPIs as well as the powerful KPI wizard to measure success according to your own definitions.

  • Keep your stakeholders well informed with up-to-the-minute KPIs
  • Stay on top of your investments with real-time visualizations of your portfolio
  • Process key figures from ideas, concepts, and projects outside your innovation platform with our one-click Excel Exports.
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The Workbench

The HYPE platform suits most clients out of the box; however, with the Workbench, you can adapt it to your very individual needs: 

  • Create custom forms, processes, events, actions, page displays, and access rules
  • No programming skills required
  • Do it yourself or ask our implementation team for assistance
HYPE's Workbench in Detail