Signal Scouting and Trend Management

Spot Strategic Opportunities

Discover and harness emerging trends to uncover game-changing opportunities for innovation. 

  • Collect trends and insights in one place to boost market intelligence and competitiveness.
  • Employ customized tools to evaluate and visualize the impact of trends, aligning with organizational goals.
  • Use collaboration tools to turn insights into strategic actions, driving innovation forward.

Idea Management

Bring Ideas to Life

Support, evaluate, and advance ideas from inception to implementation with actionable insights and collaboration:

  • Streamline feedback with Multi-Perspective Thinking and elevate interaction to identify top ideas quickly.
  • Use the Communication Hub for specific outreach and the Idea Board for straightforward idea sorting.
  • Apply Pairwise for quick comparisons and Scorecard for detailed analysis, ensuring ideas align with campaign objectives.

Project Management

Realize the Best Concepts

Ensure each concept is battle-tested and ready to launch or refine for greatness:

  • Customize workflows easily with drag-and-drop and quick-access templates.
  • Speed up validation by assigning tasks and responsibilities, using a Kanban for progress tracking.
  • Enhance strategic planning with reporting tools, using a Portfolio Analyzer to prioritize projects effectively.

Transforming sparks into successes, HYPE Innovate empowers every step of your innovation journey with seamless ideation, strategic insights, and dynamic project execution.

Seamless Idea-to-Impact

Manage the entire lifecycle of an idea, from crowdsourcing to execution, using powerful, user-friendly tools.

Strategic Clarity

Use a structured, scalable approach for trend scouting and analysis, turning insights into strategic actions for informed decision-making.

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Agile Concept Realization

Support adaptable workflows for validating and implementing concepts, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

Dynamic Collaboration

Encourage active participation and collaboration through features like commenting, voting, and real-time updates.

Simplified Decision-Making

Enable quick, criteria-based evaluation of ideas, simplifying the process of identifying and advancing promising concepts.

Smart Prioritization

Leverage advanced reporting capabilities for effective management and prioritization of innovation projects.

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Manage the Complete Innovation Lifecycle in One Place.