Idea Campaigns

Idea campaigns help you focus creativity and foster collaboration among a wide community of interested individuals.

Idea Campaigns

An idea campaign typically focuses on a specific topic presented by way of a carefully worded question, is time limited to encourage participation, provides structure for idea content, and can include a large audience or a limited group of participants.

Idea campaigns yield higher quality and more focused ideas than traditional suggestion schemes. Most importantly, ideas are aligned to the organizations needs and therefore more likely to be implemented.

How are idea campaigns structured?

Idea campaigns are initiated by a corporate sponsor who wishes to invite a group of people to propose and collaborate on ideas in response to an existing problem or to create a new opportunity. The sponsor has the resources and budget to implement top ideas and move them forward as concepts and projects.

An idea campaign is question led and sets a clear expectation for submitted ideas. The campaign may be aligned to a strategic innovation area or sit outside of the main corporate areas of focus. After ideas have been submitted and vetted by the invited community, an idea evaluation team selected by the sponsor reviews, evaluates, and selects the top ideas.

The deadline is a key part of most campaigns as it helps drive participation; however, there may also be permanent idea campaigns without deadlines. One example could be an idea campaign which collects cost saving ideas in the strategic innovation area “Cost Reduction”.

What is an example of an idea campaign?

Example 1: The division manager of an automotive company wants new ideas about how to redesign their number-one selling sports car. This includes ideas about how to use new materials, where to find new solutions in the market place, or how to leverage new consumer trends.

Example 2: A manufacturer of water pumps observes repeated quality issues. An Innovation Manager is asked by Senior Management to conduct a campaign on quality improvement.

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