What is Innovation Management?

Innovation management brings together collaboration and social software, with a clear focus on generating results and developing a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation.

Innovation has always required those with different skills and expertise to come together and co-create. Globalization ensures expertise exists in every corner of the world, no longer is it easy nor cost effective to put the people we need in one room.

Social software is a common way to bring together diverse opinions, it also allows many more people to share ideas and innovate together.

Supporting your innovation process with social software presents some significant benefits for innovation professionals and companies alike: 

  • Find more ideas at a higher level of quality by expanding your innovation pool.
  • Increase the visibility of ideas so that contributors with different skills and knowledge can help to identify and improve the best ideas.
  • Manage your complex innovation portfolio with greater governance and rigor using dashboards for key information.
  • Ensure effective innovation resource management so that the best ideas make it to the market.
  • Integrate your innovation process with other information systems to ensure everyone can innovate wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. 
Innovation management process

For more than a decade, HYPE has supported organizations of all sizes and across all industries in developing better products, improving productivity, and increasing revenue. We help our clients through the entire innovation lifecycle, from:

  • inspiring your crowd
  • to brainstorming on a topic of interest,
  • to collaboration and ideation,
  • concept enrichment,
  • innovation portfolio management,
  • and through to implementation of the top ideas. 

Our clients can open up steps in their innovation process to selected third parties, increasing the size of their innovation ecosystem without sacrificing the security of intellectual property and knowledge.

We support our clients with a combination of process, software, and best-practices to ensure that great ideas are captured, combined into concepts and brought to market. With the power of innovation management software, you can improve your ability to innovate, make it more reliable, and increase collaboration inside and outside your organization.