Deep-Dive Case Study

Baxi Heating UK: 
Chipping Away at Corporate Culture



How a 150-Year-Old Manufacturing Company Is Leveraging Online Innovation to Drive Cultural Transformation

Like at many manufacturing companies, innovation at Baxi Heating was thought to be solely about developing new products and technology. Baxi wanted to shift its organizational culture and make innovation a cooperative team effort. The leadership team knew it needed an institution-wide cultural transformation, as well as new resources to support a program that facilitated innovation and collaboration.


The company sought out an innovation platform that would act as a central point for wide-scale collaboration and a structured, systematic way to manage the innovation process. In this case study, we look at how Baxi partnered with HYPE Innovation to transition to a corporate culture that encourages and embraces an open, collaborative innovation environment.

Download the case study to learn:

  • Insights on Baxi's strategy, collaborative process, KPIs & metrics, and lessons learned
  • How Baxi uses its innovation platform for campaigns, idea progression and selection, stakeholder feedback, reporting, & community engagement
  • Advice for innovation managers from an innovation manager 

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About Baxi:

With a proud tradition of excellence in manufacturing and customer service going back over 150 years, Baxi Heating’s portfolio includes some of the best known and most respected brands in the domestic and commercial heating industry in the UK and Ireland including Baxi, Potterton, Andrews, Heatrae Sadia, and Remeha. Baxi Heating is part of BDR Thermea Group, world-leading manufacturers and distributors of sustainable, smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions and services. BDR Thermea Group operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, employing over 6,000 people, and has annual sales close to €1.7 billion.


"The financial impact of the HYPE platform has been significant, and Baxi has generated six-figure savings from ideas managed in Xchange."

 David Willetts, Commercial Director & Head of Innovation, Baxi Heating UK