Unlocking Success: Crafting an All-Inclusive Innovation Strategy for Your Entire Company


how to design a multi-horizon innovation strategy and a roadmap involving all the levels of your company

"An effective innovation strategy and roadmap involves two-way information flows, including ideas, trends, insights, and more. This bidirectional approach informs and enables continuous adaptation of innovation flows. The strategy is adaptable and inclusive, while the roadmap spans maturity levels across the organization. Join our webinar for real-world insights into effective innovation practices."

Meet Our Expert Speaker:

Lina Alzate, with 16 years of experience in engineering, research and development (R&D), and innovation. I have a deep passion for the sciences, emerging technologies, and wellness. Over the past 5 years at HYPE, I've had the privilege of working with more than 100 customers. My firm belief is that the innovation process should be tailored to match the unique culture and maturity of each company. This involves a comprehensive understanding, well-defined processes, continuous learning, and the ability to scale innovation efforts. I would be delighted to share some noteworthy examples from our work with customers during our conversation.
Lina Alzate
Head of Consulting Emerging Markets, HYPE Innovation