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Partner Management

HYPE's drive is to streamline and strengthen strategic innovation activities across industries and areas of expertise around the world. But we can't do it alone. Partners are an essential part of our business, creating global visibility, growth, and sustainable success. HYPE's partner ecosystem helps us deliver best-in-class services to our clients and maintain and support their long-term innovation initiatives.

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What does a partnership with HYPE mean?

Our partner network consists of a wide variety of partners worldwide. Whether consulting firm, community provider or tech company: A close exchange and continuous communication with our partners are very important to us. Of course, we are also always on the lookout for exciting new synergies that complement and enrich our expertise. Here in the video, you can find out what benefits a partnership with HYPE can offer you - and your customers.

Our Partners




[atm] is an innovative and creative engineering company specialized in building enterprise and cloud-based software solutions. Atm is one of the leading enterprise solutions providers and operates from Saudi Arabia, Gulf, Turkey, and Malaysia. Partnering with the industry technology leaders, atm provides a unique and universal platform to meet customers’ business requirements. 



NineSigma’s expertise is to find what may be unknown to clients & to connect them to new partners, start-ups, academia, SMEs on a global basis. Through their worldwide presence and global science & technology network, NineSigma helps its clients transform their business through technology and innovation in a faster, more agile way.



Within the last two decades, HYVE has established itself as a leading innovation company beyond national borders. They identify new fields of growth and work on the development of future product generations in the digital age across industries. HYVE is the speedboat helping corporate tankers to innovate the lean way and encounter the disruptive changes of today.



Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions, and services. Approximately 140,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. They use their experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with their customers.



Crido provides tax, legal and transactional assistance as well as business consultancy to entrepreneurs. Crido is the biggest Polish advisory group providing consulting on taxation, financing innovation, and law. The Business & Innovation Consulting team guides clients through their innovative ventures and advises on project financing, including problems arising in connection with state aid for R&D, innovative and pro-environmental projects.


Data One

As a medium-sized consulting firm, Data One has been helping clients successfully digitize their business and work processes since 2004. Their mission is to provide expert support for companies of all sizes in the development of their own digital strategies. In this context, consulting focuses on the areas: “Modern Workplace,” digital business processes, and cloud solutions.



Based in Sydney, Australia, CSP Innovate provides systematized innovation solutions – customized to your organizational structure, culture and strategy – and supports you in operating it to systematically achieve your strategic objectives. CSP uses HYPE to bring together project-specific teams of inventors, industry and investors from anywhere in the world to collaboratively fast-track inventions or start-ups through a lean, stage-gate development process and into commercialization.



ETESI Pty Ltd is a South African based ICT and technical services company. They specialize in the delivery and execution of various ICT products and services to both Public and Private sectors of the South African economy. These services are applied to provide high value, end-to-end solutions for our clients.



MAPEGY is a Berlin-based pioneer and market leader providing data-driven technology and innovation intelligence since 2012. MAPEGY constantly captures the global innovation publication universe (research publications, patents, news, websites, technical standards, podcasts, ...) and collects insights about startups, companies, universities, and experts who are driving the technologies and trends changing our world.



Creating future for your business. To ensure success into the future, it is no longer enough just to keep up with others – you have to set the agenda by yourself. What you need, in order to be able to do this can be found right here with us: Welcome to Trendone! With TrendOne you will move fast forward instead of lagging behind.


N3XT Sports

N3XT Sports is a sports consulting firm that specializes in innovation, technology & investment strategy. They work with their clients to identify and address their most critical challenges, enabling them to achieve sustainable competitive advantage within the rapidly changing sports landscape. Born in the world’s epicenter of innovation in Silicon Valley, they are headquartered in Barcelona.



Lapetre is an Italian management consulting and professional training company pioneering the adoption of ISO 56000 Innovation Management Standards. The exclusive focus and deep expertise in innovation management, combined with entrepreneurial pragmatism, makes Lapetre the preferred innovation partner of medium to large-size companies across all industries.



Celsio enables organisations to innovate with confidence, embrace the unknown, and reach heights unimagined. We are in the business of transformation. - aligning innovation to business strategy and using technology to accelerate the pace of change.


100% Open 

100%Open is a specialist open innovation agency that helps large organisations create value by innovating with others. Open innovation. Nothing more, nothing less. Since 2006 they have partnered with many of the world’s most successful innovation companies. They offer the bespoke services of strategic planning, programme design and delivery, training and venturing.


SIP Group

Sustainable Innovation Partners (SIP) Group provides consulting services and technical support to both local and international clients.  Founded in 2013, our mission is to contribute to creating and strengthening the capacities of organizations and companies so they can have an impact on sustainable development. Through our training and advisory services, we accompany our clients in the implementation of their sustainability strategy from design to reporting.


PwC Luxembourg

PwC Luxembourg is the largest professional services firm in Luxembourg with over 2,800 people employed from 77 different countries. PwC Luxembourg provides audit, tax and advisory services including management consulting, transaction, financing and regulatory advice. The firm provides advice to a wide variety of clients from local and middle market entrepreneurs to large multinational companies operating from Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The firm helps its clients create the value they are looking for by contributing to the smooth operation of the capital markets and providing advice through an industry-focused approach.


Cost House

Cost House is a consulting firm specialized in Economic Performance. Cost House offers its clients several levels of support: consulting, benchmarking and training. The consulting offer covers three areas:
- Cost engineering (implementation of Costing models),
- Competitiveness projects (combining cost control and value creation),
- Strategic projection (convergence of strategy, budgets and action plans using economic simulation models).


Sarah Says

Sarah Says offers expertise in the telling and selling of your entire Innovation Program, from crafting the right challenge question to planning your complete marketing and communication strategy. As a seasoned innovation manager, Sarah gives you the keys to keeping your audiences engaged while balancing relationships across top management. If it needs to be said, let's say it together.



Limpid & co. future-proofs your company and make sure you will keep on delivering added value for your customers. Together with them, you will discover that what you need is (mostly) there in your organization even if you cannot detect it right now. The team helps you uncover what you need (more), but they do not leave it at that! Limpid&Co closes the gap between why, what and the how.


The Disruption House

The Disruption House is the first specialist ratings agency for early stage Fintechs. It is helping to build reputation, trust and safety and a healthy digital Fintech ecosystem. It was founded by Rupert Bull and Chris Corson based on their experiences and insights, as entrepreneurs and bankers, into the challenges that both new ventures and established organisations have around identifying and engaging with each other.



RiverStoneBlue is a consultancy and training company in the Netherlands, that focuses on the Frontend of Innovation. RiverStoneBlue believes people are the driving force behind innovation. They provide strategic/tactical direction including Strategy & Campaign Roadmapping, E2E Campaign management, Innovation techniques, etc. RiverStoneBlue also offers design support including branding, promotion, recognition, and prototyping.


BTS Design Innovation

BTS Design Innovation is based in Milano Italy and is part of the BTS Group AB based in Sweden. BTSDI focuses on product design and innovation, teaching their clients about structured and systematic processes from the definition of strategic intent to the execution of a product prototype. Their services, from teaching to production complement very well HYPE’s solutions and they are very well-positioned with clients such as Luxottica, Piaggio, Pirelli, Samsung, Philip Morris International, and more.

 more to come...