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Click together your own process, step by step.

Fast. Flexible. Focused.

Our standalone component for innovation portfolio management is the swiss army knife for any type of project you'd like to realize. We solve the following key challenges:
  • Speed: Mapping business processes in traditional PPM tools can be a painstaking and cumbersome task.
  • Flexibility: Processes need to match the approach and goal of the projects you are dealing with.
  • Focused: Over-engineered forms often require a degree of detail that is either not available or beyond reason.

Beyond R&D projects: Realize the value you need

  • Our portfolio management tool offers predefined process templates for common types of projects. Smart default settings help you to set up individual processes quickly.
  • The tool supports both phase-gate processes for known outcomes and iterative agile processes for unknown outcomes. Our setup guide helps you to create unique processes that exactly match your requirements quickly and easily.
  • Project teams focus on action as you define processes around tasks rather than over-engineered forms. Portfolio managers receive critical information at a glance in our portfolio cockpit.

Projects Portfolio Analyzer2


Are you using Excel today?


Does this sound familiar to you?

You are looking to get the latest status of your project portfolio. This is what you do:
  1. You send an email to controlling and ask for the latest numbers.
  2. The colleagues pull an Excel export with the raw data. But they don’t know what reporting for your purpose looks like or can't spare the time and thus forward the spreadsheet to your assistant.
  3. Your assistant takes a deep dive and arranges the data for you.
Four weeks have passed to get the “latest status” of your portfolio. Not to mention the hours of work that went into the spreadsheet – which is now dead data again, as nobody keeps it up to date.

Excel is a mighty tool. But it’s not made to report on living, buzzing data, let alone collaborative work. Move on. Try HYPE.