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HYPE Discovery Series

Level Up Your Innovation Toolkit Like a Boss

Feel like your innovation toolkit is lacking? Well, you're in luck: we’ve put together a special webinar series to inspire new ways to innovate bigger, better, and smarter—you know, like a boss.


Upcoming webinars

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HYPE Partnering

Collaborate with Partners to Supercharge Your Competitive Advantage

📅 April 18, 2024 @ 4PM CET

Elevate your competitive edge with HYPE Partnering, the versatile solution enhancing your external partnerships through streamlined processes, access to a vast network of potential talent, and efficient management of collaboration in one platform.


IdeaConnection by HYPE

Engage Expert Solvers in Solving Your Toughest Business Challenges

📅 April 23, 2024 @ 4PM CET

Unlock breakthrough solutions to your toughest business challenges with IdeaConnection, offering access to over 20,000 expert solvers and transforming your approach to innovation and problem-solving with an industry-best 80%+ solve rate.


HYPE Boards

Empower Your Team with the Ultimate Tool for Agile Innovation

📅 April 24, 2024 @ 4PM CET

Discover HYPE Boards, the dynamic tool that revolutionizes business case development by empowering teams with the autonomy and flexibility needed for agile innovation and collaboration.


HYPE Strategy and Projects

Lead Your Innovation Strategy and Projects with Smarter Decision-making

📅 April 25, 2024 @ 4PM CET

Enhance your innovation strategy with HYPE's powerful add-ons, combining smarter decision-making with trend foresight, technology integration, and the transformation of ideas into actionable projects.