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HYPE has been named a Leader with the highest rating in technological excellence and customer impact among 16 global vendors in the latest SPARK Matrix for innovation management by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

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Strategize and Execute

Take control of the entire innovation management lifecycle, from strategic planning to idea generation and project execution, ensuring consistent results and scalable growth.

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Build Your Ecosystem

Systematically scout, evaluate, and document partners and startups, leveraging their creative and technological strengths to accelerate projects without disrupting core activities.

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Empower Microinnovation

Enable teams and business units across the organization to brainstorm, develop, and experiment with ideas cost-effectively, driving rapid, impactful change while reducing time-to-market.

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Rated #1 in the SPARK Matrix™

The research on which the report is built offers an in-depth analysis of global Innovation Management market dynamics, key trends, the vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The report will help you better assess the IM market and choose the innovation management software that best meets your needs.



Key Recommendations

Get the guide now! Discover all the key points you should consider when choosing an innovation management software and how HYPE addresses these needs:

  • External Data Integration: Evaluate software that enhances analytics and decision-making by integrating internal and external data sources.
  • External Crowdsourcing: Choose software that facilitates idea sourcing from diverse stakeholders and supports open innovation.
  • Product Strategy and Roadmap: Look for vendors with AI, ML, robust automation, scalability, and integration capabilities.
  • AI & ML Capabilities: Select software with AI and ML features to automate processes, generate insights, and prevent duplicate submissions.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensure strong data protection with FedRAMP-level security to safeguard intellectual property and prevent manipulation.


“They definitely exceeded all of our expectations”

What we really liked was the team was really interested in us being successful. Once we signed up with HYPE Innovation, they definitely exceeded all of our expectations on the partnering side of the relationship as well as their overall ecosystem of people, customers, and partners community.

Bob Neuhard, Executive Director


“Process support was a big factor in why we chose HYPE”

The process support was a big factor in why we chose HYPE Innovation. We weren’t looking for a pure software offering, we were looking for the process support around that, and the experience of enterprise-wide innovation programs, which was also central to us choosing them as a partner.

Eleanor Tong, Innovation Adoption Lead


“We have always been hugely impressed with the HYPE team”

Ricoh’s passion for people and innovation has led us to partner with HYPE Innovation as we looked for a world-class ideas platform to capture our employees’ amazing ideas. We have always been hugely impressed with the HYPE team and their desire to deliver beyond our expectations.

Haroon Mohammed, Finance Director


“It’s a unique partnership that I truly value”

I’ve never had a question, challenge or concern that I’ve brought to HYPE Innovation that I didn’t walk away feeling that they provided me with the right tips and tools for my own innovation program, and therefore my own success. It’s a unique partnership that I truly value.

Sarah Kelly, Senior Innovation Manager


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