In a recent interview with The Telegraph in London, HYPE's CEO Stefan Kaspari, discusses the importance of a repeatable and scalable process, to help foster a culture of innovation. 

Key points:

  • Innovation is risky and difficult, but to not innovate, is to put your business at risk.
  • Ideas are the easy part, but innovation requires execution. A full end to end process to deliver results
  • Innovation must become part of the day to day job for it to be successful across the whole organization. For that you need a system in place which supports this day to day activity.

Innovation offers companies a way to fuel growth, increase efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction. But if companies are to truly foster an innovation culture, they must enable every employee in the organization a way to contribute to the process. To achieve this, you need a scalable platform, and a repeatable process.

Ideas are the easy part – every company has a wealth of ideas locked away in their employee’s minds. Sourcing those ideas at the right time, to fit with strategic objectives, and aligning with resources, is the tricky part. Targeted innovation hunting grounds and idea campaigns make this work efficiently, allowing management to report back to the community on progress according to the innovation goals. Employees can see the impact they are making in a transparent way.

Execution is what ultimately constitutes innovation, and our methodology is dedicated to bringing results from your innovation initiatives. The platform needs to tracks projected and actual benefits from innovation projects, and allows for business case development, and an iterative concept development process.

end-to-end innovation management

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Tim Woods

Tim Woods

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