iso_27001Bonn, Germany — In a significant stride towards global excellence in information security, HYPE Innovation has once again completed the rigorous DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 audit. This marks the fifth consecutive year the company has demonstrated its commitment to upholding and exceeding stringent international standards for information management and cloud security.

ISO 27001 is the benchmark for information security globally. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), this framework demands over 100 specific actions and processes to establish, operate, and continuously improve an information security management system. 

By meeting these standards, HYPE not only assures its clients of the robustness of its security practices but also demonstrates proactive leadership in protecting sensitive information. The certification is more than a compliance achievement—it's an ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in protecting client data against emerging threats. 

"Renewing our ISO 27001 certification is not just an annual milestone for HYPE; it's a continuing promise to our clients that their information is secured against the most critical threats in today's digital world," said Erkka Isomaki, Chief Information Officer of HYPE.

"Our clients can trust that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data protection and that we are always enhancing our security practices to safeguard their information effectively." 

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, HYPE continues to update its security measures, ensuring that client data remains secure and private. The re-certification of ISO 27001 reaffirms HYPE’s commitment to robust security measures, reflecting our ongoing dedication to building trust and ensuring excellence in every aspect of our operations. 

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About HYPE Innovation 

HYPE Innovation is a leading provider of software and consulting for innovation management, offering a comprehensive platform for the entire lifecycle of your innovation program. Our solutions encompass end-to-end Ideation, Technology and Trend Management, Startup Scouting, Innovation Partner Management, and Ecosystem Engagement. As a top-tier player in the innovation management landscape, we enable our clients to uncover opportunities, foster collaboration, and drive strategic goals, from growth to cost-saving and sustainable transformation, enabling them to excel at innovation.   

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