HYPE Innovation sponsored a report published in The Times today on Innovation & Growth. The sixteen-page pullout, compiled by Raconteur Media, highlights the challenges and opportunities facing UK companies looking to innovate and grow. The report explores innovation in an ever-faster world, the role of design and the strategic value of experience, and how to handle disruptive technologies.

Although the report focuses on the UK, drawing on examples from UK industries, the findings are relevant to organizations worldwide. Nesta, the independent charity that promotes innovation in the UK, found that "Innovation is responsible for about two-thirds of private sector productivity growth in the UK. But this involves much more than R&D. Since the early 2000s, firms have been focusing their innovation investment in intangible assets, such as organisational improvement and staff training."

Innovation that drives more than just R&D is a trend that HYPE is seeing with its client base. Companies are seeking to fuel growth and efficiency throughout the organization, by lowering costs, improving processes, and increasing employee engagement and collaboration.

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Tim Woods

Tim Woods

During his career, which also included a longer stay at HYPE, Tim has been working in the product development as in the marketing sector. With a background in software development, Tim has worked in