HYPE Innovation was among the select companies evaluated in the Vendor Landscape report, 2013, of the Info-Tech Research Group. In comparison, HYPE was located among the champions for innovation management solutions.

The report is comprised of a detailed analysis of 10 companies with dedicated tools for professional innovation management. The analysts compared the organizations based on four categories for their product offering (features, usability, affordability, architecture) and four categories for the companies as vendors (viability, strategy, reach, channel). Furthermore, they defined three scenarios and named the vendors that fit best as a solution to the individual challenge. HYPE was listed among the solutions for each of the scenarios.

The analyst identified the alignment of innovation management with the overall company objectives as one of HYPE’s core strengths as they find that “HYPE effectively structures ideas around enterprise-wide strategic goals”. In addition, the back end capabilities and the focus on execution of HYPE’s solution are highlighted: “HYPE actually goes one step past the Ideation Value Chain, and has associated Project Portfolio Management type workflows for actually executingideas.”

Tim Woods, Vice President Marketing & Product Strategy at HYPE, comments: "Info-Tech Research Group has produced a timely and valuable assessment of the innovation management space. We are delighted that they find HYPE to be a champion in their results, and especially pleased to be recognized for our robust end-to-end capabilities for turning ideas into real business value. The research will benefit organizations who are seeking to learn more about increasing and managing their innovation initiatives.”

You can download a copy of the report here.


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Tim Woods

Tim Woods

During his career, which also included a longer stay at HYPE, Tim has been working in the product development as in the marketing sector. With a background in software development, Tim has worked in