Bonn and Boston – August 7th 2013 – HYPE Innovation is excited to announce that the Knauf Group selected HYPE Enterprise as the software solution for their companywide innovation program. 

In its over 80 years of existence, the family-run business grew extensively to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of building material and construction systems with more than 150 production and distribution sites in 60 countries. Due to the global dispersion, Knauf makes a great effort to consolidate their business processes. With the introduction of HYPE Enterprise, the company will also introduce a corporate-wide innovation process.

The HYPE platform will allow all 24,500 employees to submit their product ideas to idea campaigns on certain topics and discuss and enrich them collaboratively. Knauf’s new innovation platform will also be connected to Knauf’s SharePoint platform in order to harmonize user profiles and publish campaigns on Knauf’s intranet sites. HYPE Enterprise’s powerful evaluation capabilities support idea reviewers during the evaluation process and enable them to extract the data needed, analyze information in its relevant context, and get actionable reports, while Knauf’s innovation managers benefit from HYPE Enterprise’s integrated KPI analytics to monitor various platform activities and the progress of idea campaigns.

Knauf will not only develop ideas for new and existing products, but also collect, manage, and reward suggestions for cost-saving opportunities and efficiency improvements in a separate workflow on the same platform.

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