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HYPE Company and Product Overview

This document give you a brief overview on the company HYPE Innovation, its history and mission and which products are offered.

Buying Center and Value Proposition

This document explains the value proposition of the different HYPE products and ho this relates to the needs of the different buying centers.

Examples of the Flexibility of the Solution

In this document you will find examples of the flexibility within the HYPE products. Which degrees of flexibility are there, which user group can modify the product?

Guide to HYPE Webinars

This guide helps you to navigate through the webinars there are within our library. Those webinars are open to the public. Feel free to share the links to our webpage during the sales cycle.

Demo Preparation

In this section you will find documents to learn how to demo the HYPE products. We want to support you in finding your own stile for the presentation but also to learn which value proposition was a huge engagement factor in the past.

Product Videos

  • HYPE GO! 
    This videos are available to the public please feel free to share the links during the sales process
  • Introduction to HYPE Enterprise
    This video is available to the public and gives 3 minute intro to HYPE Enterprise