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Collaboration helps to:


Engage the entire audience, not just the creatives


Improve the quality of ideas


Make the decision-making process more effective

HYPE's features to support collaboration include:
  • Comments and votes - Comments help to shape ideas into concepts more suitable for evaluation and further development. Commenting can also help to bring existing knowledge into the discussion, surfacing existing ideas, or people with expertise who can help.
  • Multi-Perspective Thinking - Participants can flag their comments as representing a specific perspective, like “sceptic”, or “creative”. You can also ask for additional perspectives, to enrich ideas with specific viewpoints and achieve a more balanced idea. Multi-Perspective Thinking is based on the concept of Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono.
  • Share ideas - Participants can forward interesting ideas directly from the platform, increasing the traffic and interest in the campaign.
  • Community graduation - Set thresholds for the number of comments, votes, and visitors for ideas. Ideas that meet the criteria are automatically forwarded to the next stage. The feature helps you to handle large amounts of ideas and at the same time motivates your crowd to collaborate to move ideas over the thresholds.
  • Idea Stock Market - Participants can invest virtual currency in ideas and trade them like shares. You can identify high potential ideas based on the share price, as people invest only in ideas they believe in.
After shaping the ideas and improving their quality by engaging the communtity to collaborate, it is time for the evaluation phase.

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