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An idea management solution designed to answer innovation managers' needs and meet users' expectations


screenshot of trend scouting in HYPE's innovation management software

Guide your innovation program with trends

Gain insight into where your industry is headed with HYPE's trend database by exploring trends, emerging technologies, and startups. Connect these insights with internal knowledge to create relevant idea campaigns that address your organization's real challenges. 

screenshot of trend scouting in HYPE's innovation management software
screenshot of idea campaigns in HYPE's innovation management software

Use campaigns and channels to collect ideas

Use campaigns and channels to collect idea submissions from your targeted audience, regardless of department or location.  Build your campaigns and channels either from scratch or based on past templates, then easily manage and edit directly in the platform.

comments in idea campaigns for innovation

Improve participation and collaboration

Encourage participation, whether it's commenting, voting, or submitting an idea, by sending out invitations and reminders through the marketing communication hub. Set specific thresholds ideas must meet to reach HOT! status so your evaluation team can easily surface popular ideas. Collaboration and participation of any kind help to develop and refine submitted ideas.

comments in idea campaigns for innovation
evaluation of ideas in HYPE's innovation software

Design a flexible evaluation process

Choose from a range of evaluation methods to match your individual scenario. With HYPE’s idea boards, you can easily triage ideas to filter out those that do not fit your current need. Quickly set up detailed scorecard and pairwise evaluations sessions then manage and track the entire process. Define your evaluation team and specifically tailor the evaluation criteria based on the submitted ideas. Repeat the evaluation process as many times (or as few times) until you get enough data to make the next decision.

Validate ideas then prove ROI

Build out the business case for selected ideas, assign budget and resources, and begin building out an innovation project. Define milestones, basic financials, and KPIs to stay on top of your innovation pipeline. Develop and iterate ideas before passing them off to your PPM.



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HYPE Enterprise adheres to the latest security standards and offers you embedding in leading enterprise social software platforms, as well as a universal API for your enterprise business applications.


HYPE Innovation is one of the world's leading providers of software and services for idea and innovation management. Companies work with a broad range of providers and follow numerous approaches to generate future innovation options: idea campaigns, open innovation, insights scouting, startup relationships, intrapreneurship, and many more. Typically, these initiatives run in isolation.
HYPE offers an integrated solution: HYPE Enterprise is your value creation hub, allowing all innovation activities to be tracked on a unified platform.

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