The Innovator's Guide to

Stakeholder Management

10-Step Process to Help Innovation Practitioners Align With and Manage Stakeholders

Build a strategic approach to understanding, managing, and communicating with your key stakeholders

Chances are your innovation program involves more than one person. It might even involve internal and external people. How do you manage those relationships?

HYPE Innovation teamed up with Playbook Toolkit to create a 10-step guide to help innovation professionals gain insight into their key stakeholders - including their needs, interests, challenges, and goals - and develop an easy-to-use strategy for how and when to engage with different stakeholders. 


Get the guide to learn how to:

  • Define your stakeholder management goals
  • Assess stakeholder impact on your projects
  • Prioritize stakeholder relationships
  • Develop a strategy to track impact
  • Put stakeholder management into practice

Download the guide