Find and develop new product innovations that transform your company

With so many product ideas coming down the pike, it’s hard to verify which ideas will actually benefit the company. Maximize your existing resources and leverage the creativity inside and outside of your organization with HYPE's New Product Development solution.


Ensure alignment between product development and your corporate goals

Your organization’s strategic goals are the basis for everything you do in your innovation program. With HYPE, collect, evaluate, and develop ideas stemming from your company’s objectives. Your R&D and New Product Development teams will no longer create products that lack resources or management support.

Bring your own processes (BYOP)

Flexible processes need to match the goal of the projects you’re dealing with. Regardless of which model you use, our NPD solution is flexible and iterative to match your processes’ needs. Our library of templates lets you choose from common models, and our default settings help with quick setup. 


Expand your reach and collaborate beyond R&D boundaries

New product ideas don’t just come from the product team. With HYPE, R&D teams take a more inclusive approach to product innovation, opening their process internally to employees from other divisions, as well as externally with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Get the info you need right when you need it

HYPE is your single source of truth for all your innovation activities. Get the latest updates on your campaign or pull the most recent numbers on your projects so that you can make the most informed decisions and keep your program moving.