Today, sustainability is an imperative. 

HYPE enables organizations to reach their strategic sustainability goals. From identifying emerging technologies and aligning a sustainable partner network to building an innovation roadmap geared towards sustainable development goals, HYPE's suite of software and services supports your company's efforts. 


Making Today's Business More Sustainable

For the biggest impact, you should assess your entire value chain. Suppliers and partners should match your ambition, have similar goals, and possess the ability to quickly adapt to evolving needs. HYPE's team of consultants support you throughout this process, helping to identify areas with the highest potential for increased sustainability. With HYPE Enterprise, locate external partners and track their readiness concerning Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) with ease. Collaborate with organizations and people across your network and innovate through campaigns and channels.

Making Future Business More Sustainable

Sustainability is a key consideration across all aspects of business today. Organizations must stay ahead of trends and implement new technologies to remain competitive. HYPE's enterprise suite of software supports these efforts by allowing you create topic clusters, systematically scout for the latest technologies, and develop a roadmap for new, sustainable offerings.

Topic clusters

Manage the Challenge of Sustainability Through Diversity

Sustainability is a "root and branch" challenge—it must be understood and supported by the entire organization - and beyond. Run dedicated sustainability campaigns to engage your employees, customers, fans, partners, and suppliers in innovation and co-creation.

Sustainability as Part of the Decision-Making Process

The number of leaders incorporating sustainable practices and processes into their daily decision-making is increasing. As the topic gains exposure, many find these processes need adjusting to meet the new challenges. HYPE provides the flexibility to adjust policies and procedures to match ESG criteria and other practices for sustainable development.

In May 2021, I teamed up with our sustainability team. Together, we hosted the global, company-wide “Wilo Sustainability Challenge 2021.” Employees listened to internal and external insights on our strategic sustainability innovation areas and worked collaboratively on ideas cross silo. This initiative brought together all our learnings on innovation from the past 8 years and far exceeded our leadership’s expectations. The initiative helped to take the awareness of sustainability among our colleagues to another level. I can only encourage all organizations to build and take advantage of the incredible synergies of sustainability and innovation.
Sven Grave from WILO
Sven Grave
Head of Innovation Management, WILO Group

Wilo Sustainability Challenge 2021

In May 2021, Sven Grave, Head of Innovation at Wilo, launched a company-wide innovation campaign focused on sustainability.

Learn more about the successful Wilo Sustainability Challenge 2021 and other current and future sustainability activities at Wilo in our interview.


Saint-Gobain Carbon Fund Initiative

Saint-Gobain has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050—a goal only possible through innovation. This endeavor entails changing their means of production, reducing emissions in services, implementing new processes, and reimagining the scope of every employee.

The video below showcases how Saint-Gobain has used HYPE's Ideation platform to enable 45,000 employees across 26 countries the ability to collaborate and make important changes to achieve Net Zero.



They Trust Us

We help our clients meet their sustainability goals.
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Meet HYPE's Head of  Sustainability

Meet Sandra Fernholz, HYPE's first Head of Sustainability. Sandra has worked at HYPE for many years, but as of September of 2019, her focus has been on sustainability and social impact matters. We sat down with her to find out how she approaches this role, what she wants to achieve with and for HYPE, and what she is particularly passionate about.

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Innovating Together

Sustainability accelerated by digital collaboration

In this document, we highlight innovation software that enables collaboration within organizations, but also serves national and global multi-stakeholder co-creation networks in previously inconceivable ways.

Using Sustainability to Boost Innovation



When sustainability in business is discussed, the focus often surrounds the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their benefits for our world based on people, planet, and prosperity. In this conversation, Sandra Fernholz, joined by Maryam Telmesani, an expert on the topic, takes listeners through the why and how sustainability should be addressed from a responsible and profitable business perspective beyond the UN Goals.

Questions answered include: Why should you run an innovation program with sustainability at its core? How does this impact your company’s internal culture and external reputation? And most importantly, how do you implement sustainable practices on a daily basis?

Sandra and Maryam share their experiences and challenges ranging from improving daily business operations, embedding policies across businesses, partnering on and investing in significant sustainable value creation opportunities, to creating major campaigns that engage governmental and nongovernmental parties as well as the local community.

Watch the Webinar

Why Innovation Programs Not Geared Toward Sustainable Development Will Fail

Increasingly, Innovation and Sustainable Development are becoming one and organizations need to transform or they will fail in the long run. To succeed, we need to create an inclusive environment, where diverse perspectives can be heard and executed on, within and beyond your organization’s limits. In this video Sandra, our Head of Sustainability at HYPE, will explain why you need to understand your innovation landscape, and how to bring employees with you on the journey toward sustainable development, engage your value chain upstream and downstream, identify new partners, and ultimately execute on your plans.