Thousands of new startups are established around the world every week. There is no feasible approach to manually find all startups that matter to your organization. That’s why we leverage today’s smartest technology to make the global startup world transparent and accessible for you to find the right startups for your organization like magic.


Where do your startups come from?

Using the World Wide Web as a primary data source, our Web Crawlers process 2M websites each day. Proprietary machine learning algorithms score and classify those websites to decide whether the data represents a startup or not. We find startups as soon as they become visible online and before they appear in any other database.


Innovative Companies as of 2023-10-29


New Startups per Week



What startup data do you have and how fresh is it?

Having high-quality and fresh data related to a startup is key. Startups are constantly changing and therefore the data might not be valid any more days or weeks later. To avoid looking at outdated data, we proactively re-build every single startup record in our Startup Database every 30 days by analyzing a variety of sources including company websites and social presences.


How do you find the right Startups in your data?

We use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to deeply understand a startup’s product, service, and technology. This understanding is built on the analysis of 22+ million data points in real time by our Startup Search Engine that helps to find startups in very specific search fields, saves time, and gives insights, nobody else has.